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  • Americans are smarter than they look about extreme weather

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has officially stated that climate change will lead to more extreme weather events — we all sorta knew that, but it's nice to have confirmation. It turns out, though, that we weren't the only ones who knew. A survey by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication found that […]

  • Experts debunk polls claiming fewer Americans believe in climate change

    Cross-posted from Climate Progress. Politicians, pundits, and the public have all been told by the media and others that public belief in global warming has dropped sharply. Except that it hasn’t, as polling by Stanford, Ipsos, and Reuters make clear. National survey of American public opinion on global warming via Jon Krosnick, Stanford University. Yes, […]

  • Voters Strongly Oppose Michele Bachmann's Proposal to Abolish the EPA

    Building on an idea that seems to have originated with Newt Gingrich, Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has spent the past few weeks calling for the Environmental Protection Agency to be abolished. In the June 13th GOP debate, Bachmann said she would pass the “mother of all repeal bills” to target “job-killing regulations.” She indicated that […]

  • Memo to Fox News: Science and Politics Don’t Mix

    Former oil and energy trader Eric Bolling, a financial news personality on Fox News, often gets on television to talk about climate change. On Tuesday, Media Matters published research on Bolling’s program and uncovered a history of claims that are demonstrably false: Bolling Hosted Skeptic To Claim “There Is No Global Warming.” Bolling hosted Brian […]