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  • Poll finds sharp rise in global warming skepticism

    There are good reasons not to get too worked up about public-opinion polling on issues like climate change and energy. Polls confirm, over and over, that the public opinion is malleable—so much rides on the wording of questions. And most people don’t analyze policy in their spare time, so why ask them about cap and […]

  • On climate, leading from the front (for a change)

    Leaders of the world’s richest and fastest-growing economies are pushing for climate action even though their citizens have yet to wake up to the scale of the problem. Above, national leaders pose at the most recent G8 meeting last June in Italy. (White House Photo).Something unusual seems to be happening in the struggle to wake […]

  • Buy green, forget Congress — or not

    Need or want?Courtesy soundfromwayout via flickrAmericans concerned about climate change are far more likely to shop green than to call or write a lawmaker, according to a new poll from Yale and George Mason University. Of those who say they are “alarmed” by global warming, 75 percent say they have rewarded and punished companies based […]

  • Citizens want their leaders to make climate a higher priority, new poll finds

    Here’s one thing citizens of the United States, Iraq, and the Palestinian territories have in common: According to a new 19-country public opinion poll on climate change, they’re the least likely to want more action on the issue from their governments. American citizens showed the least interest of all the countries in response to this […]

  • The climate science fight club

    So a guy writes in to our local paper saying climate change is a big scam, nobody ever shows the actual data, blah blah blah. I usually ignore these things like I ignore the moon landing deniers and the flat earthers, but this time I had a second in the morning and so I sent him […]

  • Ditch ‘warming’ and start talking ‘deteriorating atmosphere,’ PR firm says

    How to make an energy plan more appetizing.The non-profit PR shop ecoAmerica finally released the findings of its public opinion research today, bringing a trove of information about how on-the-fence Americans respond to different messages about climate change and energy. The firm conducted an impressive amount of research in February through March—focus groups, a phone […]

  • Think of the children, or think of your ski trip: Two ways to tell the climate story

    Forty-five million people go hungry or undernourished because of droughts and disasters wrought by climate change, according to a recent report by the Global Humanitarian Forum. Climate change leads to 300,000 deaths a year, the organization concludes, a toll that will reach 500,000 by 2030. Many of those who starve will be children. Of course, […]

  • EPA to hold public hearings on ‘climate endangerment’ in DC, Seattle

    Photo: Corey McKrillThe U.S. EPA is holding two public hearings next week on the “climate endangerment” finding — one near Washington, D.C., on Monday and one in the other Washington, out here in Seattle on Thursday. About a month ago, the EPA announced they had “determined that planet-warming greenhouse gases pose a danger to public […]

  • American Public Wants Climate Policy

    After reading earlier this week that only 24 percent of Americans know what cap and trade is (and in the same day, that 88 million votes were cast in last week’s round of American Idol), I needed a little pick-me-up. Luckily, it arrived today in the form of new Pew survey numbers indicating strong public […]