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  • The White House’s secret plan to make American households more energy-efficient

    In the spirit of keeping a positive, bright outlook on life and politics (ha), we’re going to ignore for the moment the Obama administration’s embrace of the Cushing-to-Texas branch of Keystone XL. Instead, let’s talk about another announcement the White House made today, this one about how they’re going to convince Americans to use less […]

  • What did Obama say about energy last night?

    We at Grist List know more or less how your State of the Union experience went last night: You intended to watch it, but oooooh, you forgot there was a new Downton Abbey episode you hadn’t watched yet. You started watching the speech, but booooooring! You changed the channel/zoned out/got distracted by YouTube. Or you […]

  • Critical List: Obama boosts clean energy; Bingaman energy standard coming soon

    “I will not walk away from the promise of clean energy,” President Obama said in his State of the Union. He didn’t talk about fighting climate change, though. The state of the union is: unsurprised. Sen. Jeff Bingaman says he’ll release his proposal for a clean energy standard in the next few weeks. Durban could […]

  • Super-cute M.I.A. parody about home efficiency

    Okay, this is not exactly new but it is totally charming and looks like it could use a wider audience: [youtube=]

  • Fun with energy efficiency! (No, really. I promise.)

    The problem with trying to make your home more energy-efficient is that energy efficiency is deadly boring. Start talking about heating systems and insulation and smart windows and even the niftiest thermostat ever, and eyes start to glaze over. The Energy Bills, though, are funny. Ish. At least, they're funnier than any other conceivable idea […]

  • Minneapolis house gets by without a furnace or fireplace

    A lot of people talk a good game about passive heating, but are they willing to face getting through a Minneapolis winter with no furnace and no fireplace? Paul Brazelton is. He recently finished retrofitting his home to become one of less than two dozen passivhauses in the U.S., which will mean facing 20-below winters […]

  • Liz Dunn finds silver linings in old buildings

    Demolishing neighborhoods is insane, argues urban activist Liz Dunn, when the numbers show that refurbishing existing buildings makes more green sense

  • How to build a better playground

    This story was written by Shanti Menon. In her new book Asphalt to Ecosystems: Design Ideas for Schoolyard Transformation, Berkeley-based environmental planner Sharon Danks explores the ways in which landscape design, architecture, child development, and nutrition converge in the schoolyard. OnEarth sat down with Danks, whose firm, Bay Tree Designs, Inc, is helping redevelop some […]

  • An arts district brings life to Syracuse — and it’s green, too

    Photo: SALT District Cross-posted from the Natural Resources Defense Council. Coauthored by Aaron Welch. Take one part Paducah (arts-driven revitalization), one part Old North Saint Louis (incremental restoration of abandoned historic properties), mix in some serious winter weather, and you might just come out with something a lot like the Syracuse (NY) SALT District, an […]