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  • Richard Branson chats about embracing ethanol and slashing airplane emissions

    Does a music mogul who signed the Rolling Stones and Janet Jackson have what it takes to make a pop star out of biofuels? Sir Richard. Earlier this fall, publicity-chasing British entrepreneur Richard Branson made a $3 billion bet that he could do just that — and help solve the climate crisis to boot — […]

  • Virgin founder’s $3 billion climate pledge heralds new era in philanthropy

    Richard Branson, founder and chair of the British conglomerate Virgin Group, has racked up more than his share of high-profile high jinks over the years. Among them, signing the notorious Sex Pistols to his young record label, dangling nearly nude over Times Square, and botching numerous transoceanic hot-air balloon expeditions, necessitating rescue by helicopter. But […]

  • The Al Gore way

    It's called moral leadership. Maybe you remember it from last century.

    Sir Richard said his new commitment grew out of a visit to his London home a few months ago by former Vice President Al Gore ...

    "You are in a position maybe to make a difference," Sir Richard said Mr. Gore told him. "If you can make a giant step forward other people will follow."

    Update [2006-9-22 9:59:46 by David Roberts]: ThinkProgress has footage of Gore and Branson discussing the issue on ABC.

  • Worth about $20 million per word

    Eliciting gasps and goosebumps at a press conference this morning at the Clinton Global Initiative in midtown Manhattan, Richard Branson, CEO of the mega-conglomerate Virgin Group, announced a commitment to invest a staggering $3 billion toward solving climate change, focusing his investments on developing biofuels and other oil alternatives. The transcript of his public vow follows:

  • That’s a lot

    British business titan Richard Branson has pledged $3 billion in the fight against climate change. He made the announcement on the second day of Bill Clinton's Global Initiative conference.