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  • Sen. Sherrod Brown and the Clean Air Act

    Sen. Sherrod Brown.Cross-posted from the Natural Resources Defense Council. There are things to like in Sen. Sherrod Brown’s (D-Ohio) letter to President Obama today about the Clean Air Act and carbon pollution. However, the letter is off base in its concern about EPA’s reasonable steps to assure that big new plants reduce their pollution to […]

  • EPA’s Jackson establishes deliberative path to control global warming pollution

    Big oil, the Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), and senators including Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) are whipping up hysterical fears that the Environmental Protection Agency will use its existing authority under the Clean Air Act to immediately restrict global warming pollution for even the smallest of emitters. For instance, NAM President John […]

  • Neutralizing Big Oil’s climate-bill attack, with investment in manufacturing

    The oil lobby’s latest astroturf concoction is “Energy Citizens.” Its website practically looks like it’s a group pushing clean green jobs, with its green-tinted USA map and call to “support American jobs and affordable energy.” Its attempt at a grassroots rally was rightly deemed nothing more than a “company picnic,” just another ruse to kill […]

  • Ohio’s Sen. Brown calls for investments in clean energy manufacturing

    Seeking to have an IMPACT on climate policy, Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) formally introduced legislation this week to strengthen America’s efforts to cut emissions and build a prosperous clean energy economy. The Ohio Democrat’s efforts to advance new investment in clean energy technologies and manufacturing are critical, and are consistent with the Breakthrough Institute’s recommendations […]

  • Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio)

    Sherrod Brown Sen. Sherrod Brown was one of just four Democrats to vote against moving the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act to a floor vote last year, but this year he says he won’t block climate legislation. “I’m not going to be part of a filibuster on climate change,” Brown said recently. Last year’s bill never […]

  • Finding consensus on climate policy

    Originally posted at the Breakthrough Institute. For advocates of immediate and strong climate and clean energy legislation, there’s one man we should all be paying close attention to: Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio). Senator Brown is one of several Democratic Senators from America’s “Heartland” states that form the critical swing block of legislators that will need […]