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  • New Agtivist: Meg Paska runs Brooklyn’s first urban farm pop-up

    This urban homesteader started a seasonal shop where farmers in the city can buy supplies at a decent price, take classes, and ask for advice.

  • Peebottle Farms: Talking to plants

    A friend sent Nina an urgent text message that said: “Alert! Today is a good day for planting garlic!” KK Haspel talks to the plants on her farm. She also grows astoundingly delicious vegetables and bonkers-gorgeous flowers. The connection between these facts is not something I can confirm, but I’m happy to believe there is […]

  • DIY role model: Delilah Snell

    Photo: Aida Mollenkamp A version of this interview first appeared on Aida Mollenkamp’s website. Meet food wonder woman (or funderwoman, as I call her), Delilah Snell. She may be the most prolific person I know, with her hands in numerous activities at once. She’s also a Master Food Preserver (there are only a handful of in the […]