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  • Could Waxman and Markey have used the EPA threat more effectively?

    Should Waxman and Markey have kicked off House climate-bill negotiations with a stronger ask? The bill they introduced was effectively the U.S. Climate Action Partnership proposal, which already reflected years of negotiation and compromise. The idea was that the difficult work of negotiations had already been done — enviros and business both on board! — […]

  • Push is on to strengthen climate bill

    A coalition of more than 300 organizations including faith, human rights, social justice and environmental groups will deliver letters to the local offices of U.S. senators this week calling on them to strengthen climate legislation narrowly passed by the House of Representatives in June. The effort is part of a broader grassroots initiative that aims […]

  • GOP team at American Energy Alliance runs ‘Energy Town Hall’ oil bus tour

    American Energy Alliance staffers Kevin Kennedy, Patrick Creighton, and Laura Henderson on tour in Pennsylvania. All are former House GOP staff. Cross-posted from Wonk Room. The American Energy Alliance (AEA), a new polluter front group, is touring the nation to smear President Barack Obama’s clean energy reform agenda. Employees riding the “American Energy Express” bus […]

  • Badass mayor builds bridges between working class and enviros

    Mayor John FettermanPhoto: The Cap SolutionJohn Fetterman is not easy to miss. He’s 6’8″, 325 pounds, and usually dressed in a black work shirt and boots. He sports two large tattoos on his forearms, a shaved head, and a goatee. You might mistake him for a steelworker at first glance, but he’s actually the 40-year-old, […]

  • This “Energy Citizen” also wants a word

    Last week saw the launch of a new initiative in the United States, “Energy Citizens,” which aims to create a significant lobby against the passage of climate change legislation in the USA and most specifically the recent House bill, the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, or “Waxman-Markey” as it is more widely […]

  • Majority of ‘Energy Citizens’ rallies organized by oil-industry lobbyists

    Here’s more evidence that the “Energy Citizens” rallies against climate legislation are anything but grassroots uprisings.  We already knew that the American Petroleum Institute was behind the whole idea.  Now it turns out that even the local organizers of individual rallies are oil-industry lobbyists.  Grist obtained a copy of API’s list of coordinators for the […]

  • Neutralizing Big Oil’s climate-bill attack, with investment in manufacturing

    The oil lobby’s latest astroturf concoction is “Energy Citizens.” Its website practically looks like it’s a group pushing clean green jobs, with its green-tinted USA map and call to “support American jobs and affordable energy.” Its attempt at a grassroots rally was rightly deemed nothing more than a “company picnic,” just another ruse to kill […]

  • Collin Peterson apes Sensenbrenner, fears ‘catalytic converter’ for cows

    Cross-posted from Wonk Room. Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN) has wielded his power as the chair of the House Agriculture Committee to shape clean energy legislation on behalf of industrial agriculture interests. Peterson’s efforts to limit environmental regulation of industrial farmers in the American Clean Energy and Security Act may have been motivated by the hundreds […]

  • South Dakota Sen. Johnson comes out in favor of passing climate bill

    Sen. Tim JohnsonSouth Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson (D), listed as one of our fence-sitters on climate legislation, seems to be taking more of a strident stance in favor of passing a bill this year. In a column he recently penned and posted on his Senate website, Johnson argues that the climate change bill “could bring […]