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  • Critical List: A new Chevron oil spill in Brazil; Vladimir Putin didn’t shoot a tiger

    Chevron has suspended work at a drilling site off the coast of Brazil after finding an oil leak near the site of November’s spill. Vladimir Putin wants everyone to think he’s all manly, but there’s evidence that the “wild” tiger that he “tranquilized” was taken from a zoo to stage the stunt. Chinese, South Korean, […]

  • $200 a day – why Sierra Leone will get screwed at Copenhagen

    Behind the smart suits, tinted windows, and Swiss fountain pens of COP15 there are delegates from poorer countries who struggle to attend the conference and struggle to have a voice amongst the well-polished rhetoric of the E.U. and American delegations. One such country is Sierra Leone.

  • Roll-up for the world’s largest mangrove planting project

    A mangrove seedling planted in the Saloum Delta in Senegal.Atlantic Rising “Become a superhero, plant your mangrove today,” declared the poster. Eager to enter the pantheon of mangrove superheroes, we headed to the Saloum Delta in Senegal where the world’s largest mangrove planting project is underway. Organized by local NGO, Oceanium, almost 30 million mangroves […]

  • Disappearing beaches in Gambia

    Hotel managers in Gambia say without the beach the tourists will not come. But the beach in front of the country’s two landmark hotels is disappearing pretty fast. It is a very serious state of affairs for a country that derives a major percentage of its income from tourism. Beach erosion is clearly visible at […]