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  • In for a Penny, in for a Pound

    Assets of socially responsible funds grew five times faster than those of other funds over the past three decades, according to a report released last week by Pax World Funds. The funds focus on different issues, screening out companies with poor records in areas like the environment, diversity, and health. Pax World said the assets […]

  • Coughing Up the Dough

    In the latest victory for residents suffering from pollution-related health problems in a Japanese city, 10 companies agreed today to pay $12.2 million to 260 locals who went to court to protest emissions from the companies’ factories. The out-of-court settlement ends a 12-year dispute in which the Nagoya residents contended that the factory emissions and […]

  • Data Dump

    State officials in the Pacific Northwest are searching for ways to reduce the amount of high-tech waste ending up in landfills. The waste in Oregon has more than doubled since 1998, and it can be nasty stuff — computer monitors and televisions contain four to eight pounds of lead each. The officials are considering a […]

  • Fund for the Whole Family

    To help fund its operations, the Sierra Club may start a mutual fund to invest in companies that pass a strict green test. The group’s executive director, Carl Pope, said the fund would use a tougher investment screen than most other mutual funds marketed as being environmentally responsible. The fund would be managed by an […]

  • Perrier didn't reckon on an angry citizenry when it looked to expand into the Midwest

    Escape to Wisconsin. Play in our lakes, fish our rivers, and cavort in the famously kitschy water parks of Wisconsin Dells. Just don’t try to take a drop of it home with you. Ninety-nine bottles of water on the wall. This, at least, is the stern message being sent by thousands of Wisconsin citizens to […]

  • The Arctic Refuge could become Bush's gays-in-the-military

    California’s energy crisis has become a national Rorschach test, saying more about the viewer than about the ink blot. President Bush is a special case: He looks at the deregulation crisis and sees the need to drill for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Caribou-hoo-hoo. Photo: USFWS. Of course, given the number of oil […]

  • Dubya's pro-industry policies aren't only about the money

    Consider the rules. No, not the rules of love, but the rules of government — specifically those rules of the previous administration suspended for 60 days on the first day of the present administration under an order issued by President George W. Bush’s chief of staff, Andrew Card. Rules of the game. No big deal. […]

  • Meet the Bush team, brought to you by Exxon

    To an extraordinary degree, the administration assembled by George W. Bush is made up of men and women with experience in the automobile and oil industries. With the energy crisis in California, such energy expertise at the helm, it would seem, must be a good thing. Would that it were so. In reality, the Bush […]