Solar power is a great idea.

It has always been a great idea. The ancient Egyptians knew that when they raised “Ra” to top dude in their system of higher powers (over stiff competition from Osiris and Ptah, as we understand it).

Harnessing the energy of the sun has been on humanity’s agenda since those times.

The challenge is simple: How to store up the abundant power that the sun provides, to use in times when it’s not shining so abundantly … like nighttime or the day you plan a picnic.

And yes, there have always been naysayers.

Actually, very few sayers say “nay” these days. It’s more like: “Impractical!” or “Impossible!” or “It’s too expensive and inefficient and solar is not competitive with conventional energy sources like gas or coal!”

(At least that last sayer recognized what had always been the practical problems.)

But those problems have been overcome.  Today solar power is a great idea … fully realized!

“How so?” you may say. (Go ahead … say it if you like.)

The realization of efficient solar power came a giant step closer in 2012 when SunPower E-Series panels placed first, second and third in module yield testing conducted by an independent third-party, Photon International Magazine.

The E-Series showed performance ratios of 95.2%, 94.9% and 94.8%.

Performance ratio indicates the actual amount of solar power produced by a module in comparison to the maximum possible power output.

An amazing accomplishment, to be sure.

But already that accomplishment has been surpassed.

Now the SunPower® X-Series Solar Panel is the brightest star under the sun.

Key to the astounding performance of the X-Series panel is the revolutionary SunPower Maxeon® solar cell technology, according to Dave DeGraaff, SunPower General Manager of the module products group: “There is no metal on the front, and a full copper foundation makes this cell extremely durable in the very tough environment on your roof.”

Durability is vital to a practical system, but there’s more.

DeGraaff continues, “SunPower’s new X-Series solar panel has the highest efficiency, the most energy you can get … and the best looks.” Yes, looks ARE important. The uniform, dark black cells compliment the aesthetics of a home or building rather than make it look like the rendezvous point for an alien invasion.

There is no better way to state it: The X-Series solar panel is a quantum leap forward.

And, at the risk of being considered too “rah-rah” in our enthusiasm, we believe it’s a product that would make an old Egyptian named Ra very proud.

Check out more information about SunPower’s X-Series solar panels here.