The standard answer: “I don’t want to know!”

You have probably come to think of the “Great American Banquet on a Bun” as the guiltiest of guilty pleasures … so good to eat; so bad for your health.

And to be frank, the stuff inside the standard frank  will back you up on that.

A survey published at, shows that  Americans love their hot dogs. But they don’t love the individual parts that make up their hot dogs. It’s not quite a love/hate relationship, but certainly a love/now-I-wish-I-hadn’t-eaten-that one.

The average frankfurter you see at your supermarket or grocery may be made up of more than 15 ingredients — some of which are also found in (believe it or not) fireworks. Really. Fireworks.

Well, Applegate believes it’s time for a “wienervention.

Prepare to free your family of eater’s remorse. Yes, now it’s possible to serve one of their favorite meals with your eyes as wide open as their mouths.

The Applegate hot dog is revolutionary in that it is made entirely from ingredients that were actually meant to be consumed — beef, water, sea salt and spices.

That’s it.

They contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives and are made from meat raised without antibiotics – ever. What’s more, they have less fat and sodium than other hot dogs. You might call them “the cleaner wieners.” (Or you might not; that’s entirely up to you.)

So if you’d like to give your family permission to enjoy one of their favorite foods, Applegate has been working on that — and now it’s as easy as making the right choice.