We need to talk.

It’s about your wiener.

Yes, you know what you have been doing is wrong. You know it’s not good for you, and what’s worse – you know it’s not good for your family either.

But we’re not here to shock or shun or scoff or scorn. We’re here to help you.

The wiener choices you have made are simply deplorable.

For years you have been the connection — bringing bad meat disguised as the wholesome, all-American, hot dog to your friends and family.

The steroids … the chemicals …

Ascorbic acid. Sodium diacetate. “Mechanically separated meat” (whatever that is … never mind, we don’t want to know).


Does that sound like food?

Okay, you’re feeling ashamed and maybe a little angry right now, but let’s turn those feelings into your firm resolution to change.

And that’s why we’ve called you here. We wouldn’t confront you with your problem unless we had the solution.

Applegate hot dogs are made entirely of actual food – what a concept! Beef … salt … water … spices … that’s it. And frankly, you won’t find a tastier wiener anywhere (so friends and family will never suspect they’re actually eating healthier).

So perk up!

Anyone can stumble. The important thing is to get back up and (in this case) start grilling the guilt-free “cleaner wiener” from Applegate … just in time for the summer barbeque season, too!

And now you can stage your own Wienervention for a loved one who has gone down the bad dog path … and get $2.00 off Applegate hot dogs!

Just go to www.Wienervention.com.