Business and Climate

WRI seeks to engage the private sector to help solve climate and energy challenges by sharing strategies and solutions with corporate partners and helping businesses capture the competitive advantages offered by a zero-carbon future.

Tomorrow’s economy is ripe with business opportunity for companies that position themselves to maximize climate advantages.

WRI has a long history of partnering with the private sector to advance corporate climate change leadership. Efforts such as the Green Power Market Development Group (GPMDG) and regional climate groups - Climate Northeast, Midwest and Southeast - have produced results for WRI and the business community, starting with the pioneering “Safe Climate, Sound Business” action agenda. See our Project History timeline below for useful links and more information.

Through our current work, including the Next Practice Collaborative and the Climate-Safe Business Network, WRI seeks to understand both the near-term, practical priorities for corporate climate leadership and the long-term business approaches that will lead to a strong, climate-safe economy.

WRI experts work closely with our business partners on greenhouse gas accounting via the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, renewable energy & energy efficiency, carbon capture and storage (CCS), U.S. and international climate policy and a range of other issues.

New: Solar@Work San Francisco: WRI is working with the City of San Francisco on a group purchasing program to bring inexpensive solar power to companies across the Bay Area. Read more

Project History

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