Tue, January 10, 2012
Examine the evolution of the Army sustainability program, and how sustainability is contributing to national security strategic objectives.
Tue, January 3, 2012
The Information in Warfare Working Group of the U.S. Army War College is pleased to present an anthology of selected student work from Academic Year 2010 providing examples of well-written and in-depth analyses on the vital subject of "Information as Power." This is the fifth volume of an effort that began in 2006.
Thu, December 15, 2011
A US Army War College student author examines the processes for and assesses the effectiveness of attempting to cut off financial support to organizations engaging in terrorism.
Thu, December 15, 2011
A US Army War College student author explores the causes and implications of the 2008 financial crisis.
Thu, December 8, 2011
A US Army War College student author examines Brazil's economic growth over the past decade and its potential to sustain those economic capabilities.
Wed, January 11, 2012
Thu, December 29, 2011
The U.S.AWC Speakers bureau is unlike any other. In the past four months, U.S.AWC students, staff and faculty members have spoken to more than 100 audiences representing organizations from New Jersey to Virginia, to include high schools, colleges, veterans' service organizations, civic groups, and more.
Thu, December 29, 2011
The art of strategic learning at the Army War College isn't just limited to taking part in the U.S.AWC resident or distance programs, select officers also take part in a unique 10-month program that partners the Army and various universities, civilian think tanks, and government agencies.
Thu, December 29, 2011
The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center brings to life the history of the U.S. Army Soldier everyday at Carlisle Barracks.
Thu, December 29, 2011
While the Battle of Gettysburg took place nearly 150 years ago, the leadership lessons from the battle still echo with relevance today, a fact not lost on military, business and academic leaders who have participated in Army War College Strategic Leader Staff Rides.
Thu, December 29, 2011
Started in 2001 between the Army War College and Dickinson College, with the Penn State University School of Law and School of International Affairs joining two years ago, the Omar Bradley Chair of Strategic Leadership was created to promote the exploration of leadership issues and military-civilian interaction. Philip J. "PJ" Crowley, former assistant secretary of state for public affairs holds the chair at the three schools this year.
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