Global Warming Global Warming

Global Warming is the single biggest threat to wildlife today.

Global warming is happening faster than predicted even several years ago, with many natural systems already seriously impacted.

Overwhelming scientific evidence supports reducing carbon pollution that causes global warming as much as possible and as quickly as possible.

National Wildlife Federation works to reach that goal by demanding climate change legislation that includes a cap-and-trade system and dedicated funding to address the impacts of global warming on America's natural resources. Visit the Climate Action Center today or read our report Investing in America's Natural Resources.

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At every level of government, there are people taking a stand and demanding a better plan for America - one that encourages a sustainable future for people and wildlife.

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Actions to reduce global warming Make a difference - Cool It!TM
Your every day actions can make a difference to reduce global warming. Find out how you can conserve energy, participate on college campuses, organize your own youth group, protect forests and recycle electronics.

Wildlife and global warming Help wildlife survive global warming
In its 2007 report, the International Panel on Climate Change stated that 20-30% of species worldwide are likely to be at increased risk of extinction if increases in average global temperatures exceed 2.2-4.0° F above current levels. This could happen by the end of the century if global warming pollution is not dramatically reduced.

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Our Campus Ecology program helps colleges and universities confront global warming through climate and wildlife-friendly practices that reduce their carbon footprint.

Last Chance: Preserving Life on Earth by Larry Schweiger

In his new book Last Chance: Preserving Life on Earth, Larry Schweiger breaks down the science behind the climate crisis and describes the causes of climate change and its effects on both wildlife and human life.

Last Chance reminds us that we have a duty to think and act as the earth’s caretakers, not just its inhabitants. It informs, offers hope, and provides a plan of action we can all use.

Order your copy today.

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Tips to Green Your Home:

Offset your carbon footprint with NativeEnergy carbon offsets and help fight global warming.

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