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The Parkland Institute is an Alberta research network situated within the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta. It operates within the established and distinctive tradition of Canadian political economy and is non-partisan. Read more »

Alternative water futures in Alberta:

Alternative water futures in Alberta Alberta Minister of Environment and Water Diana McQueen has promised public consultations in 2012 regarding how to reform the province’s water allocation system. This report challenges the market model proposed to date, and suggests workable alternatives for water in Alberta.

The Lion’s Share:

Corporate profits and taxes in Alberta

The Lion’s Share Alberta’s economy has seen tremendous economic growth, but the lion’s share of that growth has been benefiting private corporations.

Room to Move:

Alberta's taxes are too low

Room to Move According to the Alberta Government, “If Alberta had any other provincial tax system, Albertans and Alberta businesses would pay at least $11 billion more in taxes each year.”

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June 10, 2011 | Edit »

The Lion’s Share:

Corporate profits and taxes in Alberta

June 10, 2011 | Edit »

Room to Move:

Alberta's taxes are too low

Parkland in the Media

December 05, 2011 | for immediate release

New report says markets are a poor solution to Alberta’s water woes

Non-market solutions would be better for environment, public interest, and First Nations

A new report released this morning by the U of A’s Parkland Institute says an expansion of water markets in Alberta would have adverse effects on the environment, people’s access to water, and First Nations communities.  It also recommends alternatives for dealing with Alberta’s current water crisis that would be more in keeping with Albertans’ values, and the values that underlie Alberta’s historical water laws. read more »

Download the statement

Related research:
Alternative water futures in Alberta:

November 07, 2011 | for immediate release

Edmonton conference to look at how workers are fighting back against attacks on their rights and dem

The past year has seen numerous attacks on public services, democracy, and the rights of workers all under the guise of austerity and with the economic crisis as a backdrop.  We have also seen mass mobilizations and organized actions in response to these attacks read more »

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October 05, 2011 | Lethbridge Herald

Taxes and the ghost of Bob Blair

by Trevor Harrison
Bob had a different answer. Speaking at a Senate hearing, he asked why the federal government was intent on going after “welfare moms” to reduce the debt, as they didn’t have any money. read more »

September 01, 2011 | Lethbridge Herald

The debt crisis: A case of false memory syndrome

July 27, 2011 | Toronto Star, A19

What in tar-nation?

There’s less than meets the eye to Alberta’s surprising about-face on a national energy strategy.

June 02, 2011 | for immediate release

It’s time to fix Alberta’s broken revenue system - new report

June 01, 2011 | St. Albert GazetteMay 31, 2011 | The Calgary BeaconMay 31, 2011 | Troy Media

Frontier Centre’s argument not based in fact

Changing water allocation system requires careful analysis of all alternatives

February 25, 2011 | Edmonton Journal, A16

Tories’ gross fiscal mismanagement sells Albertans short

Government focuses on spending without beefing up available revenues

February 23, 2011 | for immediate release

New research shows infrastructure spending is not out of control

February 07, 2011 | Edmonton Journal, A13

Wildrose leader’s private model a flawed remedy for health care

December 09, 2010 | for immediate release

Treaty rights impacted downstream of tar sands

Chiefs call on governments to protect Athabasca river

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Thursday, May 19, 2011
Parkland Institute and CSL present

Oil and Community Speakers Series

Place: Natural Resources Engineering Facility (NRE) 1-001
Time: 6:59 PM
Oil and Community Speaker Series 2011: Health Equity in a Petro-environment Read more…

What's New

posted Nov 28

Speaking Tour - Alternative Water Futures

Join the Our Water Is Not For Sale network and Jeremy Schmidt for an exploration of the challenges for water in Alberta, why markets aren’t the answer to Alberta’s water challenges and what alternative allocation systems that protect our water commons for ecosystems, our communities and future generations could look like.


posted Dec 10

Next Up Calgary Youth Leadership Program

Next Up Calgary, a leadership program for young (18 - 32 years old) people committed to social and environmental justice. Parkland Institute is one of the local partners for this program which will run in Calgary from late January through the end of May. The application deadline is January 7.  Follow the link for more information...


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