• Elevated view of the Courtroom showing the Supreme Court Bar area
    Supreme Court Image 26
  • West front view of  the Supreme Court Building
    Supreme Court Image 2
  • The Great Hall looking toward the Courtroom doors
    Supreme Court Image 9
  • West view of the Supreme Court Building
    Supreme Court Image 11
  • Contemplation of Justice' below Equal Justice Under Law
    Supreme Court Image 17
  • West plaza of the Supreme Court Building in snow
    Supreme Court Image 27
  • The John Marshall Statue in the Lower Great Hall
    Supreme Court Image 22
  • The Supreme Court Building at night
    Supreme Court Image 18

Supreme Court of the United States

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What's New

The Chief Justice's 2011 Year-End Report

The briefs and orders in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act cases are now posted on the Docket page of the Court’s Web site.

The 2010 Term statistics are now posted with the Supreme Court’s 2010 Journal.  The Court’s Website contains the Supreme Court Journal from the 1993 Term to the present.  Statistics appear at the beginning of each Journal on page II.