We believe that waste is preventable. Do you?

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Welcome to Eureka Recycling!

We are a zero-waste organization located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul with a wide range of initiatives focusing on reuse, recycling, composting, waste reduction, producer responsibility, and more.


Your Christmas tree will thank you!

Christmas treeWhen you no longer need your carefully selected holiday tree, be sure to take a few moments to see it off to a better, greener place. Many trees in the metro area are wasted—thrown away without a second thought.

Here’s what you can do to make a difference: Find out how your tree will be used once it leaves your home.

For more options or more information, please call our Zero-Waste Hotline (651) 222-7678 or email us at info@eurekarecycling.org. We're happy to help!


Susan HubbardOur founding CEO and current Chief Strategy Officer, Susan Hubbard, is leaving Eureka Recycling. Beginning in January 2012, Susan will continue to advance the mission of zero waste as a consultant through her new consulting business, Nothing Left to Waste.

The Eureka Recycling board and staff are indebted to Susan’s passion, vision, and service that have not only benefited us personally, our organization, and the Twin Cities, but have rippled in immeasurable ways to protect and benefit the planet and all its inhabitants. Read more here.


How to Get Really, Really Good Stuff

Stuff: we all have it. We all need it (some of it, anyway). But what about the stuff we don’t want or need anymore? What do we do with it? Right now, consumers and governments are given the responsibility of dealing with it—with no say in how products are made or designed. Your best efforts (and ours) to recycle and compost everything we can will not stop our trash cans from filling up.

However, there are ways to change the way these products are designed and manufactured, and you have the chance to influence the process!

We can get to zero waste without sacrificing the stuff we really want and need. Find out how you can tell if the products and services you spend hard-earned money on are safe, non-toxic, healthy, and durable.


Eureka Recycling now accepts pizza boxes for recycling

recyclable pizza boxThis is an action you can take to help protect the environment, support local manufacturers that use recycled and recyclable material to make their products, and help ensure a safe and healthy community.

Get the important instructions for recycling pizza boxes at your home or apartment.


Support Eureka Recycling's work

We are grateful to the hundreds of generous donors-—individuals and organizations—-who provide direct financial support for Eureka Recycling's leading-edge work in zero waste. Our recycling operations are self-sustaining. However, Eureka Recycling raises money in order to break new ground on needed zero-waste initiatives. Learn how you can donate today!  


Want to know a little more about Eureka Recycling?

Eureka Recycling videoCheck out this video, produced for our Nonprofit Mission Award for Advocacy, received in 2006 from Minnesota Council of Nonprofits/MAP for Nonprofits!




Read this article from "The Line": Eureka: The offbeat recycling company that wants to go way beyond recycling (November 2010)


Best Practices for Recycling in Public Spaces

recycling in Mears ParkEureka Recycling has been working with the City of Saint Paul to study and expand recycling in parks and other community gathering spaces. Pilot locations include Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, Mears Park, and the city’s six largest urban park pavilions.

Read Eureka Recycling’s report on best practices in public space recycling and key findings here.


Meet Some Zero-Waste Heroes in Our Community

Zero-waste heroes Vonda Vaden and Yogiraj Charles BatesReducing the trash we create and getting to zero waste takes all of us: individuals, communities, and companies that make products and packaging. We know inspiring people who are taking action every day to get as close to zero waste as they can!

Are YOU a Zero-Waste Hero? Send us your story and photo!



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