Wealth Tips From Books – Five Essential Wealth Building Books to Read

Building wealth is an inside job. If you want your prosperity to grow on your outside, then you will have to grow on the inside. Why is this? The way we think Hasena Betten directly impacts what decisions we make and the actions that we take. If you want to become wealthy, then you are going to have to think and act like the wealthy do.

I am not saying to go out and by a new Porsche, what I am saying is to learn how to think differently. Rich people really do think and act differently than everyone else. They see the world, life and situations differently how to make money fast than poor people. In order for us to get a better idea how they think, we need to read wealth building books.

Wealth Without Risk by Saen Higgins

I don’t know if you’ve heard about Wealth Without Risk, a program by Saen Higgins that claims to be able to make its users wealthy without risk. Saen Higgins has his own infomercial and the product looked like it could actually work. I thought that this guy was interesting; Every time I looked up Wealth Without Risk online, people wrote that Saen Higgins worked. I was still curious, so I bought the book and I realized that in fact, everything that he says in his book makes complete sense. Let me break it down for you:


1. People don’t to pay their property tax. I don’t know why, but sometimes people are busy and they forget. Maybe they’re in a terrible financial situation and they just can’t pay off their property tax at that time.


2. YOU pay off their property tax. Depending on the county and the state, there is a redemption period ranging from 3 to 5 years. This gives the current owner of the property a grace time to pay off their property tax (with interest), which goes directly to YOU. The stun guns interest can be up to 25% so imagine how much money you could make depending on the tax lien certificates that you purchase!


3. Since the wait time can be up to four years, don’t expect to get your money right away. Once the redemption period has run out, and the current owner STILL hasn’t paid you back, their home goes into foreclosure and you then have a chance to take their property.

What Rich People Know and Desperately Want to Keep Secret

It is natural to hide one’s source of success. The tendency to make the source secret is even high(er) when it comes to money-making. That is why the rich would not like to disclose their financial-success secret. But the good news is that there is revelation of the whole secret in this text entitled “What Rich People Know and Desperately Want to Keep Secret”.


Brian Sher, the author of this text was born in South Africa, and moved to Australia in high school. Sher obtained a degree in Marketing from the University of 7 passenger vehicles New South Wales.


His subsequent business travels overseas aroused his interest in consultancy, and after spending two years in Los Angeles, he returned to Australia and formed his own company, specialising in marketing and business-growth strategies.


Working with businesses, one of his major mailing lists clients offered to partner him in a new venture – Vision Publishing. Under Sher’s direction, Vision Publishing experienced phenomenal growth. His extensive network and strong reputation as one of Australia’s most-dynamic and exciting marketers made him an active and sought-after business coach.


According to the author, most people dream of being rich; they imagine what it would be like to have more money than they know what to do with. Sher adds that for a brief moment, they leave their reality by playing ‘make-believe’. He says for most people, this is as far as they will ever get Acai Beere with this dream, and they will quickly snap back to inaction, for fear of stretching their boundaries too far.


Sher submits that a relative few people set off on a different journey, a journey so challenging and demanding, yet so exciting that it brings new life and new meaning. He adds that in the end, unfortunately, many of these dreams are also shattered as a result of not knowing what rich people know.


This author thus shares with you in this book, the basic but powerful principles of success and takes you on a journey towards personal and financial riches. Sher reveals what the world’s richest people know that everyone else does not know, and büroreinigung berlin offers you tips for enriching your life and enhancing your bottom line. According to him, businesses and people succeed because they do the basics well, and in most cases, not because of luck, clever finance, extreme technology, or running ahead of the pack.


Who Took My Money by Robert T Kiyosaki – Book Review



This book is by the author of a series of popular wealth books beginning with Rich Dad, Poor Dad in 1997. The author’s goal is to teach people the fundamental principles of successful wealth building. In this book Kiyosaki concentrates on investment http://www.business-supply.com/c-321-vertical-file-cabinets.aspx.


In Part I he asks the question “What Should I Invest In” from the perspective of a number of financial viewpoints including ranchers, tax advisors, bankers, gamblers, etc.


In addition to the insights provided by Kiyosaki you will find notes from his co-author, Sharon L. Lechter, CPA. Lechter co-authors many of Kiyosaki’s books and provides some hard core financial advice to beef up some of Kiyosaki’s more general principles.


This book contains some redundancy but as a self styled educator Kiyosaki would undoubtedly argue that repetition is essential to reverse phone lookup education and I cannot disagree. Since many readers only peruse a book once rather than studying it over time the repetition may be a strong point.


There are generally two major schools of thought for average investors: either invest gradually and steadily over time and use the power of long term investing to build wealth or invest with greater risk but greater return using more complex investment methods. Kiyosaki falls in the second group. He belittles dollar cost averaging and so called “slow investing” and heralds “fast money”. As you might guess this bears some caution. People do make large amounts of money quickly in various markets but never without a higher level of risk. Kiyosaki, who brags about his personal financial failures and bankruptcy, argues that the  greater bedroom furniture risk is worth it and too much caution means too little return. In this regard one must always weigh his advice carefully.


A caution: neither author is a certified financial advisor. They do not provide independent verification of their skill level in investments or of their own personal performance.


Why You Should Read and Re-Read Think and Grow Rich


Many people may feel that since they have already read Think and Grow Rich that there is little reason to revisit the book. However, this is definitely not the case with this timeless classic. Think and Grow Rich is the type of book that you can reread every few months. In fact, many highly successful business people keep an earmarked copy of it handy and refer to it constantly. And if you have never read Think and Grow Rich, I highly recommend solar panels that you pick up a copy immediately!


If you doubt that you should periodically re-read Think and Grow Rich, simply recall the sheer number of important and accomplished individuals that felt the book had a major hand in their success. The simple fact that so many people felt that Napoleon Hill’s timeless work was vital to their success should be enough to keep you referring back to it again and again.


Think and Grow Rich highlights the power of focus and determination in reference to getting what you want out of life. Think of it in this fashion; if you make it a habit to read the book periodically, then you have a built in safeguard. What is meant by safeguard? On your path towards accomplishing your goals, you might run into some serious bumps in the road. As a result, it is in your best interest to remind yourself of the key concepts of the book, such as revisiting the story of Thomas Edison and Edwin Barnes. Barnes was the man who through nothing more than determination forged a working relationship with Thomas Edison. How Barnes went about forging this relationship was quite impressive and remarkable. (If you do not remember how he did it, then there is further proof of why you need to re-read this book.)

Would You Like to Own Some Home Rental Properties – A Book Review

Perhaps, you know of someone that has quite a few rental homes and they are making money on this income property. It is a good source http://teknikbuatblog.blogspot.com/ of making money if it’s done correctly, but all too often folks end up losing their shirt because they don’t get the right tenants, they are unable to collect the rent, or the repairs eat through all of their life savings. Like anything else there is a right way and a wrong way to run such a business and renting homes out is definitely a business.


However, if you’d like to own many homes and rent them out, perhaps, there is a book that I can recommend to you, one that I actually own which has helped me in my rental endeavors chicken coops. It’s a very decent book, and the name of the book is;


“The Monopoly Game; the How-To Book of Making Big Money with Home Rentals” by Dave Glubetich, 1981.


The author explains how to use inflation to your advantage, and how long-term real estate investments, especially those income properties which are paying for themselves can help you in a long-term. He suggests the importance of using checklists on rental properties, which is a very good idea and there are forms in the book which you can copy. He also suggests several ways to finance the properties you buy to later rent out, along with all the legalities that you must deal with regards to renter’s rights.


You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is maybe best known as a speaker and star of the hit movie “The Secret”. This book is the culmination of Bob Proctor’s more than 40 years of study in the world of personal development and success. Bob Proctor was a high school drop out turned firefighter in Toronto Canada who owed more money than he made in a year. He discovered a book that changed his life and started him on a journey that began in 1961 and continues to this day. That book was “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. The eureka springs cabins year that Bob Proctor started to study that book he made over $100,000 dollars and then over $1 million dollars the next year. He wanted to know what caused him to change when no one around him was changing. He wanted to know how and what made him successful and the result of that study is the Forex book “You Were Born Rich”


“You Were Born Rich” is written in a straight forward way that is easy to read and understand. In this book Bob Proctor lays out a plan that if followed will give you the success that you are looking for. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific action or group of tasks that the author suggests you follow that will lead you to success. Bob Proctor encourages you to savour the book the way you would enjoy a glass of fine wine. Read the book and think about what the author has written. How does this to your life? What can you learn from the section you just read? Does what you have read cause you to think about other ways or ideas of doing things? Think about the actions suggested by the book and how you can apply them to your life.