• DB Advisors: A Global Investment Platform

    Roelfien Kuijpers, Global Head of DB Advisors

    DB Advisors is the global institutional asset management business of the Deutsche Bank Group. We invest assets on behalf of institutional clients worldwide, including public and private pension funds, national and supranational entities, corporations, charities and foundations. As a fiduciary, we always act in our clients' best interests.
    Firm Overview

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    High Yield Bonds and Bank Loans

    Ty Anderson, CIO High Yield Strategies

    Global Economic Outlook

    Joshua Feinman, Global Chief Economist

    Emerging Markets Debt

    Stephanie Ebner, Portfolio Manager

    October 2011:
    Our senior investment professionals share their views on the market environment and discuss portfolio implications.

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    October 20, 2011

    Managing risk in short-term portfolios

    Supply-demand imbalances have become a key source of risk in short-term fixed income portfolios. more

    July 21, 2011

    Money markets: Do low yields = low risk?

    In this audio presentation, DB Advisors' team examines the state of global money markets. more

    June 15, 2011

    Private equity: Investing in sustainable agriculture

    Against a backdrop of growing global demand for food and fuel, concerns over food security and safety are rising. more
Greenhouse Gases in our Atmosphere
Global Research
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January 5, 2012

Positive outlook

Nicolas Schlotthauer, CEFA, PhD, Head of Emerging Debt

January 5, 2012

Favoring industrials

Thomas Hoefer, CFA, Head of Financial Credit, Europe

December 22, 2011

U.S. outlook for 2012: Crosscurrents

Joshua N. Feinman, Chief Economist

December 19, 2011

Key themes for 2012

DB Advisors' Chief Investment Officers

December 19, 2011

A solution for all seasons

Sabine Bollo, Head of Dynamic Asset Allocation Portfolio Management

November 17, 2011

Luxury of policy choice

Chris Siniakov, CIO, Asia Pacific

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