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In Oklahoma, Indigenous communities are the most likely to be at risk of flooding, with one recent study showing the danger increases by more than five times when compared to surrounding areas.

The reason for the risk: location.

“We get stuck in places where nobody else wants to live,” said Theresa Tsoodle, who is Pawnee from Andarko, a small community in central Oklahoma, and who led the new analysis. 

A researcher for the University of Oklahoma, Tsoodle said that the study suggests future flooding can be mitigated by federal and state agencies working with tribes to better understand the ecology of the area. 

“We’re on these lands where the soil might be poor, and wetlands — that would help drain surface water — are missing,” she said. 

Help might be on the way. The United States Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland announced last week that a $120 million sum is available to fund tribal efforts to become more res... Read more

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