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Climate Energy


Until recently, it looked like the best chance of climate action from the Biden administration was going to be an infrastructure bill making its way through Congress. Now, the possibility of getting strong climate provisions into that bill, like a clean electricity standard, is looking increasingly slim. But the Biden administration is pressing ahead with other tools in its toolbox to expand renewable energy in the U.S. 

On Friday, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, or BOEM, proposed leasing eight new areas to offshore wind developers off the coast of New York and New Jersey in a shallow zone known as the New York Bight. The agency says the proposed lease area has the potential to host more than 7 gigawatts’ worth of wind turbines, or enough to power more than 2.6 million homes with emissions-free electricity. 

It’s a step toward the Biden administration’s goal of developing 30 gigawatts of offshore wind by 2030. The new leases are also an essential first step to enable states like New York and New Jersey to fulfill their own clean energy goals. But there’s still a long road ahead before turbines can be planted in those plots, and experts warn ... Read more

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