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This story is part of Fix’s Mentorship Issue exploring the unique ways climate leaders found their calling, and how new approaches to mentorship are upending old power structures. Check out the full issue here.

On the night of September 2, activists with Fandom Forward, A Tribe Called Geek, and Honor the Earth held a rally that mobilized 100 young adults — including me — to take action against the Line 3 Pipeline. During the two-hour event, we took 360 political actions that ranged from emailing and calling President Biden and Minnesota Governor Tim Walz to arranging our own Stop Line 3 action parties.

We came together virtually. We didn’t see each other during the event given that we were on Twitter, but we got to know one another through the hashtag #FansStopLine3, bonded by our desire to change the world — and our love of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

That’s right! The Nickelodeon cartoon. 

I’m a proud Blerd (Black nerd, for the uninitiated) whose love of the show, known by the shorthand ATLA, and its spin-off series The Legend of Korra, goes back to elementary school. The first epis... Read more