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Imagine 2200: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors is Grist’s climate fiction initiative, engaging writers from across the globe in envisioning the next generations of climate progress. Whether built on abundance or adaptation, reform or a new understanding of survival, these stories provide flickers of hope, even joy, and serve as a springboard for exploring how fiction can help create a better reality.

We aim to showcase stories of creative climate solutions and community-centered adaptations, with an emphasis on uplifting voices and cultures from the communities most impacted by the climate crisis. Imagine 2200 is an invitation to writers and readers alike to imagine a future in which solutions to the climate crisis flourish and help bring about radical improvements to our world.

At the core of Imagine is our climate fiction contest, which is open for submissions March 28-June 24, 2024.

Since 2020, Imagine has received story submissions from nearly 100 countries, and published 36 winners in three stunning collections, reaching hundreds of thousands of readers online, and countless more through our printed anthology, Afterglow. Check out our 2024 contest collection.

Inspired by Afrofuturism, as well as Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, disabled, feminist, and queer futurisms, the contest is also grounded in hopepunk and solarpunk — literary genres that uplift equitable climate solutions and continued service to one’s community, even in the face of despair. [Read Imagine’s origin story]

Our next print anthology, Metamorphosis, is available for pre-order now from Milkweed Editions.

Ready to dive deeper into Imagine and climate fiction?

Illustration: Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor

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