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Coal’s Last Gamble: A choking industry bets on one more big score

Why can't America quit this dirty, doomed fuel?


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move along, nothing to see here

Climate change enjoyed its 2 seconds of fame in the final debate

In all three presidential debates combined, the candidates spent just 5 minutes on the climate crisis.

trash talk

Garbage is a dirty business. L.A. is trying to clean it up.

Los Angeles tries to make the garbage industry better for workers and better for the environment.

Social circle jerk

You’re getting a skewed view of this election

Liberals and conservatives absorb totally different streams of news, thanks in part to social media. Here’s how to broaden your perspective.

Grist Exclusive

In wake of Wikileaks, Clinton’s campaign chair seeks to reassure climate activists

In an exclusive interview with Grist, John Podesta tells us that Hillary Clinton is sincere in her commitment to fighting climate change.

Pull the plug

Should I keep my laptop plugged in while I use it?

A reader wants to know how best to preserve his computer's battery. Advice columnist Umbra Fisk charges in with answers.

CO2 little, too late

Relying on future tech to suck up carbon is rolling the dice with the planet

Scientists are trying to develop negative-emissions technologies. Will they work?

Spinning a good yarn

Is synthetic yarn for the birds?

A knitter wonders if it's OK to put acrylic yarn scraps outside for birds to make nests with. Umbra Fisk swoops in with an answer.

bone appetit

Ken Bone: “If I was Energy King …”

We talked to the red-sweatered star of the second presidential debate about climate change and his job as a coal plant operator.

Not dead yet!

Satirist writes obituary for the Great Barrier Reef. Internet takes him all too seriously.

What a surprise.

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