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Imagine 2200: Creating an Irresistible Future

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Dates: April 27, May 4, May 11, and May 18

Registration: Open to Fix network members; registration required

Once a week for four weeks, take a break from worrying about futures you don’t want and, instead, join your fellow Fixers to imagine futures so irresistible, you want them right now. How can we usher in a transition from an extractive system to a regenerative one that is clean, green, and just? Fixers are invited on a visioning quest to create that future — or futures. 

The World We Need: An Exploration of Art and Justice 

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Date: May 27

Registration: Open to all; register here

Join us for a virtual art exhibition featuring artists (and Grist 50 Fixers) Favianna Rodriguez and Beka Economopoulos. This event will celebrate the release of the climate anthology The World We Need, and examine the relationship between art and the environmental justice movement. Tune in on May 27th to converse with these Fixers and learn how art can be used as a tool to build justice in the post-pandemic age. 

Where Shift Happens: A Narrative and Cultural Power Mini-School

Promo art for narrative shifting event

Dates: June 3, June 10, June 17, and June 24

Registration: Open to Fix network members; registration required

This exclusive monthlong offering from political scientist and philosopher Anjali Nath, with facilitator Gibrán Rivera, gives Fixers mastery in shifting hearts and minds away from a carbon-based economy and toward a just, regenerative society. Fixers will learn to harness the tools and tenets of narrative and cultural power work, engage in highly interactive sessions, and seed relationships that grow into partnerships and collaborations. Fixers will leave this mini-school with an arsenal of skills and solutions needed to transform our collective future.

How We’re Fixin’ It: A Data-Driven Story of Air, People, and Science

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Date: June 9, 1 p.m. ET

Registration: Open to all; register here

At this inaugural “How We’re Fixin’ It” event, hear from Grist 50 Fixer and Aclima cofounder and CEO Davida Herzl and her collaborators at the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project and Bay Area Air Quality Management District. They’ll discuss how modernization of air pollution measurement and analysis can support community-led solutions that diagnose hotspots, target interventions, prioritize resources, and track progress over time — at the neighborhood-level — for global impact.

Solstice Smash

Sun radiating heat on a yellow background

Date: June 17, 2021, 7 p.m. ET

Registration: Open to Fix network members; registration required

We’ll celebrate the sun, see each other’s shining faces, and take a few breaths together. This will allow us to connect, learn about work people are doing in the network, and find some good in trying times.