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Articles by Founder & Executive Director, WattTime Gavin McCormick

Gavin McCormick is co-founder and executive director of WattTime, an environmental tech nonprofit that makes it easy for anyone to slash pollution without compromising cost, comfort, or function. He was named to the Grist 50 in 2017.

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There isn’t an 80s kid out there who could forget this inspiring childhood favorite: The new kid at school is getting pushed around until Mr. Miyagi steps in and gives him the tools he needs to face his oversized bullies. I admit that Karate Kid may have traded in a stereotype or two, but the basic story is universal — and now it’s getting a 2019 reboot on a much larger scale.

Our bullies aren’t punching our lights out, they’re destroying our health and planet by spewing untold greenhouse gas emissions. And instead of karate-chopping our way out, we’re using a worldwide fleet of infrared-sniffing satellites backed by the latest AI. The most exciting part of all is, this time, the Karate Kid is you.

I run a small but tech-savvy environmental nonprofit called WattTime. We’ve created software that allows people, companies, and even small governments to take charge of how their energy is made — with wind and sunshine, or coal and gas — rather than leaving that up to powerful, moneyed interests. Now we’re going one step further. We’re creating a tool that will expose the true environmental impact of some of the heaviest polluters on the planet, and then we’r... Read more