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Articles by White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy

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For far too long, pollution has threatened our health and well-being. Too many children continue to suffer from asthma simply because they live along the fence line of a factory. Too many families struggle to stay healthy with no access to affordable, clean, and safe drinking water. And too many Indigenous and communities of color are forced to cope with the destruction of their fisheries and farmlands from chemical spills and indiscriminate contaminated waste dumping.

Black, brown, and Indigenous people across America face disproportionate health burdens from environmental pollution. Too many communities sit in the crosshairs of climate change, facing increasing safety and health risks without the resources and support they need.

Through no fault of their own, frontline communities have been marginalized, disinvested, and disempowered. It is time that our country secures justice for these communities.

President Biden signed an executive order in January that jump-started our effort to mobilize every government agency to tackle the climate crisis and ensure that we consistently recognize and prioritize environmental justice communities as we rebuil... Read more