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Articles by Fix Director Lisa Garcia

Lisa Garcia is the director of Fix.

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Hi there, 

You may have noticed that things are looking a little different around here: Fix and our parent organization, Grist, have a new set of clothes. We’re still the same outfit you turn to for vital reporting and riveting features. But we’ve also grown and expanded what we do. In this new era, we’ve shifted our focus to show that a just and sustainable future is within reach. That’s what this rebrand is all about — and it’s also why the time is ripe for a more fully fledged launch of Fix, Grist’s solutions lab.  We’re so excited to introduce ourselves!

Fix sprung from the success of the annual Grist 50 list. What started as an editorial product in 2016 has blossomed into a hub for solutions and visionaries. At Fix, our mission is to make the story of a better world so irresistible, you want it right now. We do that through our stories, which shine a spotlight on the visionary people — we call them Fixers — behind the most promising climate solutions. And we do it through networking and events that bring those same leaders together to accelerate solutions and forge surprising partnerships. 

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