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Articles by Susan Kaye Quinn

Susan Kaye Quinn (she/her) is an environmental engineer turned science-fiction writer currently residing in Pittsburgh and dreaming of a better future through her hopepunk climate fiction. Her self-published novels have been optioned for virtual reality, translated into German and French, and featured in several anthologies.

Featured Article

Imagine 2200, Fix’s climate fiction contest, recognizes stories that envision the next 180 years of equitable climate progress, imagining intersectional worlds of abundance, adaptation, reform, and hope. Read the 2022 collection here.

“I don’t understand why the bill’s so high.” Latoya rubbed the bridge between her eyes but kept her voice polite. “I just need to know why y’all be charging me more than the estimate.”

The girl said to hold, she’d get the robotics team lead. 

Latoya leaned back in her chair. Out the window, the sun heated up her fields, solar arrays soaking in power for the farm while shading their signature crop, Camellia sinensis. The neat, green rows of tea bushes had grown thick over the years. The hedges were fat, with just enough room between for the picking bots. The spindly creatures harvested each leaf and bud at precisely the right time. They were key to every harvest, but especially this second flush — the first had been wiped out in March when the polar vortex came down to Mississippi for a visit. 

She had only four harvest bots running, out of 10 in the fleet, and it wasn’t near eno... Read more