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About the New England Fixers

In 2019, Grist invited a group of climate and justice leaders in the New England area to share their visions for the future of our planet. Similar to our Grist 50 Fixers, these New England leaders represented a diversity of backgrounds, industries, and approaches to climate solutions. Those original conversations sparked several ideas, including one that eventually grew into Grist’s Imagine 2200 climate fiction contest. And that New England cohort joined our Fixer network, where, like our Grist 50 Fixers, they can often be seen as speakers at Grist events and can be found in our Find a Fixer database.

The 2019 New England Fixers:

  • Erin Allgood
  • Shannon Ames
  • Leah Bamberger
  • Kalila Barnett
  • Gaurab Basu
  • Dan Borelli
  • Celis Brisbin
  • Apolo J. Cátala
  • Julia Cavicchi
  • Joel Clement
  • Tracy Corley
  • Phil Coupe
  • Abrah Dresdale
  • Soren Dudley
  • Julia Dundorf
  • Lisa Fernandes
  • Crispina Ffrench
  • Alex Freid
  • Jay Friedlander
  • Serena Galleshaw
  • Sean Garren
  • Miriam Gee
  • Ben Hellerstein
  • Henry Herndon
  • Nancy Hirschberg
  • Amara Ifeji
  • Mea Johnson
  • Natasha Lamb
  • Sarah Levy
  • Lynne Lewis
  • Zeyneb Pervane Magavi
  • Chloe Maxmin
  • Taylor Mayes
  • David Meshoulam
  • Elena Mihaly
  • Cate Mingoya-LaFortune
  • Dylan Mroszczyk-McDonald
  • Jameelah Muhammad
  • Nyaruot Nguany
  • Maria Virginia Olano
  • Alex Papali
  • Megan Phillips
  • Nathan Proctor
  • Sue Reid
  • Ang Roell
  • Elizabeth Sawin
  • Audrey Schulman
  • Trisha Shrum
  • Lucas St. Clair
  • Jennie Stephens
  • Kate Stephenson
  • Tom Twist
  • Shaun Van Laarhoven
  • Desa Van Laarhoven

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