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We love when other outlets share our work. Most of our stories should have a “republish” option near our Facebook and Twitter social share icons.

If you’re interested in republishing our stories online or in print, we just have a few requirements.

Credit us.

For the byline, we prefer Author Name, Grist. At the top of our stories, if on the web, please include this text and link: “This story was originally published by Grist. Sign up for Grist’s weekly newsletter here.”

Check the image requirements.

Photos sourced from Getty Images in our pieces can be republished as long as you credit both Getty and Grist in the caption. Outside of this, you can’t republish photographs, collages (even those using Getty Images), or illustrations without written permission from Grist and/or the photographer.

Don’t change anything significant.

You can change the headline and/or subheading, but articles must be republished in their entirety. It’s ok to change references to time (“yesterday” to “today”) or location (“Iowa City, IA” to “here”). If you really think changing our stories with additional localized copy would help, please contact us directly and we can discuss the change. We must approve the change before it goes live.

Include all of the HTML from the republish page.

Please click the republish button on the story you’d like to syndicate, and copy the HTML from the republish page (here’s an example of one). That’s because we ask republishing partners to include a pixel to help us measure the reach of our stories. This tracker tells us the domain and date where the story was published, and view counts. We don’t gather any other information. If you have any technical issues, please email us.

Don’t sell our stories.

We also ask that you don’t sell ads specifically meant to be placed in our stories. If you already have ads populating on your site, that’s completely fine.

Keep in contact.

Let us know if you republish our content! As a nonprofit news site, tracking the impact of our reporting and analysis is crucial. We’d love to hear more about how the work was useful to you and your outlet. And on the off chance that we ask you to remove our stories from your site or apply a correction, please do so.

Use best practices for sharing.

If you do share our stories on your social media accounts, we’d love it if you tagged Grist’s accounts: