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Articles by Contributor Andrés Jimenez

Andrés Jimenez is the executive director of Green 2.0, a watchdog organization for diversity in the environmental sector.

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Following the 2020 protests sparked by George Floyd’s murder, environmental groups including Audubon, Sunrise Movement, and Defenders of Wildlife publicly embraced Black Lives Matter. Public Interest Network, which includes Environment America and U.S. PIRG, pledged financial support to anti-racist and gun control organizations like the Urban League of Portland and Urban Peace Institute. However, several of these same environmental groups have since come under fire by staff of color for workplace environments where they felt tokenized, marginalized, and underrepresented. 

Despite promises to do better, most environmental outfits remain largely white. 

Since 2017, Green 2.0, which tracks and promotes diversity among green organizations, has annually surveyed the 40 largest environmental NGOs and foundations on the racial and ethnic... Read more