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Joy can strengthen our resolve, help us unlock creativity, and bolster our resilience. In Fix’s Joy Issue, we explore the importance and power of finding joy in the face of grief, anger, and a changing climate.

Jeff Mogavero remembers the exact moment he fell in love with trail running. He was a junior at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York, studying conservation biology and running cross-country. One Friday afternoon, he drove 90 minutes to the Adirondacks to hit a favorite mountain trail. With a bluebird sky above and a nippy but pleasant wind all around, Mogavero started laughing as he galloped downhill. 

It wasn’t the athletic pursuit that captured his imagination, but the unfettered joy of being enveloped by nature and feeling like a part of something bigger than himself. He immediately knew he must help others find the same happiness and wonder. “This is what I want, and I want everyone to have this,” he remembers saying aloud to himself. “I need to find a way to help everyone experience this.” 

In the seven years since Mogavero made that discovery, he has come to realize that ensuring others c... Read more

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