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As our climate changes, so will our diets. Fix’s Future of Food Issue explores that reality through the lens of foods that show what sustainable, equitable, and resilient eating could look like. Try them yourself with the recipes in our Climate Future Cookbook.

Cats and dogs eat a lot of meat. In the U.S., they gobble up about a quarter of the calories derived from livestock. If they were counted as a country, America’s pets would rank fifth in global meat consumption. Producing all that food generates about ​​64 million tons of carbon dioxide a year, not to mention the land, water, and other resources required to farm animals. 

As pet ownership rises, Americans increasingly see their critters as family members. An ensuing trend toward premium and “human-grade” diets has further stressed the carbon-intensive livestock industry. But it also represents a pattern that may bode well for the planet — pet food generally tends to mirror shifts in consumer preferences for people, with a growing emphasis on things like health, quality, and sustainability. As eco-friendly alternatives (particularly alternative proteins) establish themselv... Read more

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