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As the climate changes, cities must change with it. Fix is exploring how our urban centers are being reimagined and what green, equitable, and resilient communities could look like. With insights from local officials, architects, residents, and more, our Sustainable Cities of the Future series examines how we’ll live, work, and play in the cities of tomorrow. (Explore the full series so far.)

Yassamin Ansari has played a role in some of the biggest climate initiatives of the past decade. As an advisor to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, she spent a year working on the Paris Agreement (yes, that Paris Agreement). She later coordinated the first U.N. Youth Climate Summit. In between, she directed a handful of global climate action summits and persuaded more than 20 big tech companies like Slack and Salesforce to sign on to decarbonization goals through the Step Up Declaration. All that green cred landed her on the Grist 50, Fix’s annual list of up-and-coming changemakers, in 2019. But since then, Ansari has zeroed in on a different front for battling the climate crisis: local government. 

This spring, Ansari stepped into a new role ... Read more

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