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Articles by Contributing Writer Emma Loewe

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Joy can strengthen our resolve, help us unlock creativity, and bolster our resilience. In Fix’s Joy Issue, we explore the importance and power of finding joy in the face of grief, anger, and a changing climate.

Act I: Setting the stage

A group of unlikely characters, including MAMMELEPHANT, a woolly mammoth–elephant hybrid, are about to come to life in a windowless but brightly lit rehearsal space in New York City’s Theater District. Four actors run through their lines, diligently highlighting and hole-punching their scripts before rehearsal begins.

The table read for Mammelephant is alive with laughter. One cast member delivers a joke in the high-pitched, staccato voice of their character, drawing immediate chuckles from the rest of the crew. The room is stocked with plenty of snacks, and a cluster of guitars in the corner hints at musical numbers to come. 

Don’t let the jovial nature of that scene fool you; this rehearsal is for a play about the impending climate apocalypse. Mammelephant, the upcoming summer production of nonprofit eco-theater group Superhero Clubhouse, exists in a world where catastrophe is reality: The Arctic ... Read more

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