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Food is the essence of life. It fuels us, brings us together, and connects communities to their cultures. It can even be the way to someone’s heart. What and how we eat is also crucial in the battle to sustain our lives — and all life — on this planet.

Industrial food systems generate more than one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions. The processes we rely on to produce, transport, and store meals and raw ingredients, not to mention the landfills overflowing with leftovers, are accelerating climate change — which is in turn already impacting the availability of staple foods. But across our rapidly warming globe, people are reimagining food pathways and offering visions of a world where what we eat sustains both us and our ecosystems, where everyone has access to the sustenance they need, and where our diets adapt to a changing climate and help mitigate it.  

In this cookbook, we explore that future through eight foods that show what sustainable, resilient eating could look like. From sustainable proteins to plants that are restoring native ecosystems to crops that can grow even in harsh drought conditions, these climate-frien... Read more

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