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Last Friday, Fix hosted an Instagram Live conversation between two leaders in the fight for climate justice: Yudith Nieto (a 2018 Grist 50 Fixer) and Mustafa Santiago Ali (who nominated her!). Ali is a thought leader, strategist, and the vice president of environmental justice, climate, and community revitalization at the National Wildlife Federation. Nieto is an artist, activist, and organizer working with Another Gulf Is Possible. They discussed what environmental justice means to both of them, how things are playing out in this moment of cultural reckoning on systemic racism, and the importance of solidarity and intersectionality.

Below are some highlights from the conversation. You can watch the full video here. The following excerpts have been edited for clarity and length.

Ali: A lot of folks now want to talk about environmental justice. Right? It’s everywhere now. So when you hear the words “environmental justice,” what does it mean to you?

Nieto: It means so many things. It means that we have a lot of work to do — there are so many justices that we need to fight for, and the environment is a big one beca... Read more

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