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Joy can strengthen our resolve, help us unlock creativity, and bolster our resilience. In Fix’s Joy Issue, we explore the importance and power of finding joy in the face of grief, anger, and a changing climate.

Reading the news, it’s easy to feel grim about the future of our planet. Climate anxiety, frustration, and anger are common reactions. Dallas Goldtooth understands that. But he encourages another equally important reaction: joy. 

As a “Keep It in the Ground” organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network and a member of the Dakota and Diné Nations, Goldtooth has been on the front lines, literally and figuratively, of the climate and environmental justice movements. He spent many years working on the successful effort to shut down Keystone XL, and he was fighting the Dakota Access pipeline long before the campaign received widespread attention. 

Goldtooth is intimately familiar with the science and statistics behind climate change — he’s written reports on the subject — so he recognizes why people might feel anxious, frustrated, and angry. But the 2017 Grist 50 honoree believes these emotions, tho... Read more

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