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Articles by Editor of Creative Storytelling Jess Stahl

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A better future is still a possibility. A more sustainable, equitable society is still an option. The chance of not only surviving, but thriving in a healthier, safer, more just world, still exists.

These ideas are core to how we at Fix approach our work. We embrace innovative, bold ideas that spark the imagination of what a clean, just world could look like, and we celebrate the people who are working to get us there.

Simply put, we’re optimists who believe things will get better. But that has been difficult to hang onto over the past few months. Watching communities all over the world burn, drown, and stifle in scorching heat; knowing that we’re now past the point where we can reverse the effects of climate change; and seeing that this crisis and its unjust impacts still are not treated as an all-hands-on-deck emergency makes it hard to muster emotions other than fear, anger, and helplessness.

Given those challenges, the time couldn’t be better for our Climate Fiction Issue, which celebrates the power of storytelling to look beyond the current moment and imagine better futures. At the center of the issue are the winning stori... Read more