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Articles by Fix New England Network Weaver Tory Stephens

Tory Stephens is Fix's New England network weaver.

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I am not a scientist, or an inventor of some new cleantech solution, or a policy wonk writing new proposals. I’m a network weaver at Fix, Grist’s solutions lab, which means I bring together people who are focused on climate solutions and a just transition to a carbon-free world.

At Fix we are all about bold ideas for what the future could look like, and the amazing people (like our Grist 50 Fixers) working to create it. We believe in the power of storytelling to amplify those ideas and in the power of connections between people to strengthen them. 

It was connecting, rather than storytelling, that we had in mind in the spring of 2020 when we invited climate and justice leaders to a retreat focused on envisioning a pathway to our climate future. With pandemic lockdowns taking effect, our gathering migrated to Zoom, and over the course of three days the group charted the next 180 years of climate progress. This assembly visualized a complete societal transformation: a dissolution of political parties and borders. Reparations. The return of land to Indigenous and Black stewardship. Restorative justice replacing prisons. Granting rights... Read more