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Hello! We’re Fix, Grist’s solutions lab. We live to elevate and amplify the many people leading us toward a clean, green, just future, and the big ideas that spark our imaginations about what that future could look like. 

We are always looking for insightful work from smart writers eager to join us in creating a new narrative of what’s possible through engaging, solutions-oriented, future-looking stories. We’re partial to conversational writing that takes a curious and empathic approach to exclusive and timely stories. We also prize reporting that features underrepresented voices and perspectives from vulnerable communities. 

Fix will consider a wide range of freelance pitches, from reported features and personal essays to profiles and Q&As with leaders in the field. We’re especially interested in how topics like arts and culture, farming, technology, and justice intersect with climate change. 

We encourage story ideas tailored to our editorial calendar. Upcoming themes for our digital magazine include:

  • What’s Next (January 2022; pitches closed): After the past year, it’s abundantly clear: The climate crisis is here, and the question now is what do we do next. How do we start to adapt to the changes it’s already wrought, and prevent it from getting even worse? What does it mean to have hope and optimism when we still see so much reticence to act — and when a certain amount of the damage is now irreversibly locked in? The stories in this issue will look at what comes next, in a year that has to change the conversation — innovations, trends, and ideas to watch, from climate scientists, policy wonks, activists, technologists, and others, and what still just might change the game for all of us.
  • The Outdoors (May 2022; pitches close Apr. 1): This issue will examine why equitable access to outdoor spaces is such a vital component of the climate fight. We’ll look at the childhood experiences with nature that shaped today’s environmental justice activists and share stories of people working to bring outdoor access to those who otherwise might never experience it.

Think you’ve got an idea that fits the bill? Email pitches and links to a few writing samples to You’ll hear back from us in a week or two if we’re interested. 

For advertising and sponsorship inquiries, please contact Brian Troyer at More information on advertising with Grist is available here.

Submit an opinion or essay 

We also welcome submissions for guest opinions and essays on climate solutions and paths to a sustainable, equitable climate future. 

The best pieces are focused on one specific issue, written by someone with relevant professional expertise and/or a personal connection to that issue, and favor specific, concrete solutions over broad goals. 

Send your draft of approximately 800 words to Here are a few tips to get our editors’ attention:

  • Briefly introduce yourself, offer your credentials/connection to the topic, and tell us in a sentence what you’re arguing and why it matters. 
  • Make sure your draft contains a clear, specific argument backed up with data-driven evidence and real-world examples and anecdotes that help your idea resonate. 
  • Write with an authentic voice, be conversational, and avoid jargon. Explain your argument as you would in person. 
  • Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect! We’ve got editors to help with that.

The best way to get a feel for a great Fix opinion essay is to look at what we’ve run in the past. Here are a few examples:

We assume that submissions are exclusive to Fix. If we’re interested, we generally respond within a week. Feel free to follow up after that.