We’re an independent online publication covering climate and sustainability. Our core topics include clean energy, sustainable food, environmental justice, livable cities, and reinventing the economy.

We’re particularly interested in stories that focus on solutions, equity, and empowerment — or, as we like to describe it, a planet that doesn’t burn and a future that doesn’t suck.

As a nonprofit, we don’t have a huge contributor budget. That means we don’t accept a lot of freelance reporting pitches — just the exceptional ones. Right now we’re looking for thought-provoking pieces with the potential for big impact that can fill our weekly cover story slot.

The ideal Grist feature is smart, well written, and deeply informed, providing our audience with context, delight, and insight. We also consider video storytelling, data visualizations, and other forms of multimedia. These stories are paid at negotiated rates (though remember, we’re a nonprofit, so we ain’t shelling out Vanity Fair money over here).

Please email pitches to our editorial team along with links to writing samples, or contact the appropriate topic editor directly. Here’s a staff list.

Don’t Bother

Here are some things we’re not interested in: fiction, poetry (we like those two things, we just don’t publish them), travel narratives (yes, even that awesome new eco-resort you’re just dying to visit), meditations on nature, puff pieces, stories of interest only to a local audience, the guaranteed-to-save-the-world gadget you’re promoting on Kickstarter, or anything at all that you’re trying to sell on Earth Day (unless you want us to mock you mercilessly — we do that sort of thing).