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Articles by Senior Climate Solutions Fellow Brianna Baker

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Imagine 2200, Fix’s climate-fiction contest, recognizes stories that envision the next 180 years of equitable climate progress, imagining intersectional worlds of abundance, adaptation, reform, and hope. Read all 12 stories here.

Spoiler alert: This interview discusses Ailbhe Pascal’s short story Canvas – Wax – Moon. If you haven’t read it yet, go do that now.

It’s not immediately obvious that Ailbhe Pascal is a witch. They don’t wear a pointy hat or scoot around on a broomstick. If you catch them around West Philadelphia, you’re far more likely to see them on a bench in Malcolm X Park, dutifully masked, draped in a paisley shawl and scribbling in their notebook. 

To Pascal, magic comes in many forms, very few of which resemble Hollywood’s tropes. And as a trained cook, herbalist, and writer, Pascal is almost always making magic. Growing up,  relatives of various cultural backgrounds taught them to write poetry, read tarot cards, and practice rituals that honored nature and the seasons. But Pascal’s brand of witchcraft is more of a philosophy than a set of actions. “The practice I was raised with has t... Read more

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