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Sometimes life, especially recently, can feel like fiction. (“Is it really true that our kids are back at school after 18 months?,” my wife and I ask ourselves.) At other times, fiction can inform — and shape — life.

That’s the premise of Imagine 2200, Fix’s climate-fiction contest: that imaginative storytelling done right can bring into focus what a just, non-sucky world could look like — and provide the vision to go ahead and make that world a reality. 

When we launched the contest earlier this year, challenging writers to create compelling stories about what the world could be in 180 years, we didn’t know what to expect.

We certainly didn’t expect to receive 1,100 submissions from people in 87 different countries. (Whaa?) On the other hand, what we dreamt about was exactly what we got: a stunning collection of stories that elevate diverse voices and bring new perspectives to the vital work of setting a north star, a vision for what a regenerative, functional world could be in the age of climate change.

You can read (or listen to!) the final 12 stories on the Fix site now. I’m seriously flipping out about this ... Read more

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