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I got to attend my daughter’s eighth-grade graduation on Thursday. In between choking back tears (while choking on my mask), I was struck by how she and so many of her peers spoke about their plans to contribute to a better world.

Part of that sentiment comes from, yeah, growing up on a hippie-dippie island in Puget Sound. Part of it stems from the urgency of the challenges that she and her friends understand will shape their futures — the climate crisis, systemic injustice, assaults on already imperfect democracies.

A big part, however, springs from what they’ve just experienced during the pandemic: how quickly the world can turn upside down, but also how quickly change can seem normal and even, in some cases, transform into opportunities. (Lockdown rationales to persuade parents about the need for a puppy … technological advances like mRNA vaccines … new ways to be together with friends and to engage in the democratic process — letter-writing evenings with fellow families around firepits! Did I mention hippie-dippie island yet?)

Change is not only required, they seem to realize, but also possible. 

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