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Articles by Fix Intern Izania Gonzalez

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This story is part of Fix’s Mentorship Issue exploring the unique ways climate leaders found their calling, and how new approaches to mentorship are upending old power structures. Check out the full issue here.

In the second season of Fix’s Temperature Check podcast, we asked climate and justice leaders to tell us about their mentors, supporters, and sources of inspiration and then brought them together in conversation. The results are intimate, insightful discussions about their work and their personal dynamics. 

For some, it was their first time talking with their mentors about what their relationship has meant. For others, it was a deepening of the conversations they’ve already started — many over late-night drinks or stressed-out phone calls.

Behind those conversations were producer Audrey Ngo and associate producer Dominique French, working with production company Reasonable Volume, who helped create the safe space required to get people to open up to each other, and templates to guide the conversations beyond the superficial.

What they discovered, Ngo says, was that mentorship “comes in so many shapes ... Read more

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