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Climate Shift Happens


I took the other week off to build — not a new program or online project, but to create with my own hands. A friend visited from a nearby island to help me construct a 12-foot-by-12-foot cedar shed to house our wood (and, OK, a sauna. Shh). 

Yeah, we got drenched by an “atmospheric river,” but the result was worth it, constructing something from nothing, being in community with others while doing so, and using local materials throughout. Not bad for a midlife crisis.

Anway — not to throw a wrench in things — but that’s my clever narrative device to swivel to infrastructure week. It’s finally here, and there may be another one still to come! One nail, another nail, and soon you may have a whole new electric grid.

As always, please send me your own stories of impact (drivers) — and please hammer on your friends to subscribe to Shift Happens. 

Chip GillerGrist Founder & Creative Officer@cgiller 

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