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Illustration of dinner spread featuring roasted camas, fish, grapes, cheese, algae, with some food served in Petri dishes
Vicki Ling
September 2022
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A taste of climate resilience

What we eat and how it’s produced is a massive contributor to climate change. And, already, our food systems are feeling the impact of extreme weather. To thrive in the future, we’ll have to adapt — but what will that entail? In this issue, we explore that question through the lens of foods that show what sustainable, equitable, and resilient eating could look like.

Illustration of 8 food items, including spirulina, camas, lionfish, wheat, collard greens, pawpaw, cricket, and cheese

The Climate Future Cookbook

From cricket protein to algae and pawpaw, bring the future of sustainable, resilient food systems into your kitchen.