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Climate Opinion


Kimi Waite is a 2019 Environmental Education 30 Under 30 awardee, recognized by The North American Association for Environmental Education. She is also a public voices fellow on the climate crisis with The OpEd Project and The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

Last week, the Florida State Board of Education banned schools from teaching lessons informed by critical race theory (CRT). Republican state legislators nationwide are introducing and debating some two dozen similar bills to prohibit educating students about how the nation’s history of systemic racism shaped society and created widespread inequities that persist today. These attacks are not only a threat to an honest education, they pose a threat to climate change education.

Critical race theory has become a rallying cry for conservatives who want to push back against a historical analysis of how slavery and segregation have contributed to our current sociopolitical moment. Education activists and scholars believe these campaigns are intended to create a climate of fear that discourages teachers from discussing race or racism, especially as it relates to Black Americans. But if educato... Read more

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