True, social media can be a crucible of racist bullying, abuse, and toxic negativity — not to mention a hotspot for nationalism and violence. But it’s not all bad! Really! We’ve got four folks who use their feeds to educate and enlighten, shatter stereotypes, and organize to bring change. Follow them, and you may soon find yourself in a healthier relationship with your phone. Dare we call it … hopescrolling?

Every year, the Grist 50 highlights emerging leaders with new solutions for creating a more sustainable, equitable world. These four will lighten, brighten and ensmarten your social media experience: 

1. Wanna know what intersectionality is and what it has to do with being green? Follow Leah Thomas, who created a movement with one viral Insta post: @greengirlleah.

2. Conservation biologist, STEM ambassador and lizard lady — no, really, she calls herself that — Earyn McGee brings a critter to Twitter every Wednesday with #findthatlizard. Check her out @Afro_Herper.

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3. Environmental educator Isaias Hernandez launched @queerbrownvegan as a home for accessible, plainspoken facts about climate justice and tips for zero-waste living.

4. On Twitter, Lucky Tran models how to be both a scientist and an activist, amplifying sanity on topics like climate justice, COVID, and science communication. Follow him @luckytran.